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Are you boring about traditional library management system? Do you want decrease your library costing and man power and are you wanteasily searching of your library catalogue? Are you interest easy making your library digitalized? Do you want to learn about library management system or about library automation system or about digital library building?

Then you follow Us…..

Digital library solution

Access to information and knowledge are fundamental for education and development as well as being an essential requirement for improving the quality of life for people living in regions where the population has not yet reached a high level of economic and social development. Libraries play an important role in the educational and research process.

Digital Library Solution (DLS) work for digital library building, Automation library, and semi-automated library and solve the problem of those library yet not digital library, Automation library, semi-automated library in Bangladesh.

To building a digital library and solve their problem as part of making digital Bangladesh.  There are many library in Bangladesh those library yet not automated or semi-automated. But information and commutation technology increasing day by day, we want helps those library they cannot serve the user demand and their library management system

Digital Library Solution provide training programed for service holder and student about library management system.

Our Solution

  1. library automation
  2. Digital library building
  3. library management system

Our Service

  1. Installation of library software (like koha )
  2. Customization of those software that work as library demand
  3. Cataloguing of library material (like book, journals, thesis etc ) to use a format marks 21 and zebra 39.50
  4. Classification of library material use Dewey decimal classification system
  5. Leveling of book barcode and call number
  6. Trained up of library staff
  7. To manage extra library staff or worker who expert in cataloging
  8. cataloguing for book manual


  1. We have sufficient knowledge about library software like koha, green stone digital library, openbibliog.
  2. We have support of man power who are already tainted about library cataloguing
  3. We have strong support from all sector of library professional in Bangladesh
  4. It will be unique effort to convert manual library services into digital library service get library and information services promptly
  5. Peoples republic of Bangladesh will provide support in this sector since they are already have the plan to make advancement in the library sector such as digital library
  6. We have number of IT specialist
  7. We have a license for tender
  8. We have well decorated office and training Centre
  9. We have also regional office all over the Bangladesh

Ours target area

  1. Public library
  2. University library
  3. Special library
  4. College library


Training at a glance discuss about library automation.

  1. overview of koha
  2. Installation of debian 8.xx
  3. Installation of koha 16.11
  4. koha features overview
  5. koha customization (define libary ,patron,item circulation and hold policy etc)
  6. koha configuration
  7. OPAC customization
  8. z39.50 protocol setup
  9. koha maintenance (database backup, Restore etc)

Training on MARC 21

  1. Discuss about MARC 21
  2. Discuss about MARC record
  3. Discuss about MARC bibliographic record
  4. Importing book from others library and how to cataloguing
  5. Create new book record and cataloguing


Every 3 month after we will arrange training programmed. Student and services holder can be admitted .



Due to Covid-19 Pandemics we are working from home only. We can be reached at +8801762623193 or info@rajit.net