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Training & Courses

raj IT provides quality IT education and training through its sister concern institute raj IT School. It’s main goal is to provide industry standard IT education for people who want to start their carrier as a professional in IT industry or want to become an IT freelancer.

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Our Courses

  • Software Development
  • Apps Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Network & System Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Basic ICT Course
  • Basic Computer

Software Development

The main contents of the course are programming languages like C/C++,JAVA, PHP and My SQL.After finishing this course one can build his career as a programmer or software developer with local/International IT (Software) firms or can get a lot of opportunities as a freelancer in online marketplaces.

Network & System Administration

This course involves network technologies, basic LAN, and Server Administration. Network and System Administration requires a considerable pre knowledge in the related fields, but still this field of study ensures a great demand for both on site and off site jobs. A successful completion of this course may make you eligible for a position of Network Engineer or System Administrator in home and abroad.

Web Design & Development

Now a day’s website design is a very popular field to play with and to work with as well. Attractive career in Local/International companies is a common feature and huge demand in online marketplaces has added some extra flavor to this field.

Graphic Design

The world of graphics is the world of idea and imagination in fact. The idea is an innovation of the designer and a designer needs the graphic tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to draw his imaginations. Those who like to imagine and draw are specially encouraged to work in this field. Permanent and contract based jobs are easily available for each promising graphic designer’s and the field involves a lot of contractual freelancing scope both in local and global market.

Basic ICT Course

ICT is a compulsory subject as taught in HSC level in Bangladesh. But this subject should not be treated with an ordinary priority of reading and scoring. Rather this should be the stair to climb up to the incredible world of ICT. The basic ICT training at raj IT School ensures a good score in HSC exam and also a successful introduction to the world of ICT.

Database Administration

Database is an essential part for most of the systems. So Database Administration is a must for development and implementation of any System. This course of Database Administration may ensure a successful learner to get involved as Database Administrator (DB A). As organizations are shifting technologically updated Database Administrator (DB A) jobs is going to be sky rocket and DBA may be engaged in regular or contractual basis at home or abroad. This field of job has a great demand in both local and online marketplaces .


After successful completion of course , based on your performance & our need , we are also offering part-time/fulltime job placement in raj IT solutions Ltd. and abroad.



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